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2016-11-15: "I still love th..." -Loon
2016-11-12: "Shouldn't have ..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-11-11: "calm down peopl..." -Pariah
2016-11-11: "Ya, about that ..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-11-08: "you disgust me...." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-11-08: "No, it was a ca..." -Vivando
2016-11-08: "CS told me once..." -Jelly Jam
2016-11-08: "wow gj cc" -Jelly Jam
2016-11-08: "this was a bad ..." -[GpW]Urbs
2016-11-08: "Dayum, dat was ..." -[GpW]Urbs
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flag -t3> [08:08] [GpW]flag
flag -t3> [06:01] [GpW]flag
flag -t3> [05:03] [GpW]flag
flag CC [17:09] -t3>flag
flag CC [20:04] -t3>flag
flag CX [07:04] -t3>flag
flag CX [08:06] [GpW]flag
flag -t3> [09:06] [GpW]flag
flag [GpW] [07:05] -t3>flag
flag [GpW] [06:03] CCflag
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By: Pariah, in: Funniest moments! « Forum games2016-11-21 03:50
[06:51:43] Console: >> RaNo is automatically logge...
By: Treylina, in: National Tournament suggestions « National Tournament2016-11-20 21:39
I wanted to make a no-Spaz duel tourney, but I'm g...
By: KRSplatinum, in: Rate the song « Forum games2016-11-17 21:32
Those r some depressing lyrics! Edit: There is ...
By: Jelly Jam, in: National Tournament suggestions « National Tournament2016-11-17 15:12
Yeah, can you imagine what happened to me when I c...

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